• 8th June
  • 08

Floral Blazers, The Euro Cup and Patriotism.

As a general rule, I don’t love florals. Many of my peers will find that hard to believe considering the amount of floral clothing I own. Be that as it may, I am very specific and choosy when it comes to florals. No one wants to run the risk of being mistaken for their grandmother and let’s be utterly clear- I loathed the (thank God passé) elderly chic trend. Who voluntarily dyes their hair grey? I MEAN.

Now despite being so picky, I instantly fell in love with a gorgeous floral ZARA jacket but the times being what they are I was determined to finding a more budget-friendly substitute. After many hours hell bent on finding an alternative, I have had the good fortune of stumbling on this adorable website named SABO SKIRT and have become absolutely smitten with their floral blazers. However, therein lies the difficulty my friends- how to chose a favorite!

I love the pink floral blazer because of the contrast between the subtleties of the flower and the attention grabbing neon color but on the other hand there are red poppies on the other blazer- do you know what that means to a half Polish gal like myself? I can be fashion-savvy, on trend and patriotic all at once and with the Poland vs. Greece opening Euro Cup game starting basically RIGHT NOW- what could be more perfect

Huh, I believe I just answered my own question.